It appears that it is time for some changes in our City.


Our City Council needs to represent and fight for the people of South Pasadena, not the governmental interests of South Pasadena. We should not confuse the two. The council exists to serve the people, help the people, and present a varied and diverse swath of the backgrounds and views of the people of the city. 

I am a life long South Pasadenean, born and raised (34 years now). I went to school here,
Elementary (Monterey Hills) and SPMS & SPHS (Cross Country & Track Captain) before going to USC to get an Engineering Degree. I have owned a business, worked for startups and been a member of our governmental boards,  serving on our Freeway & Transportation Commission - 2 terms and our Parks and Recreation Commission.

I ran for City Council in 2011 & 2013 and have ran for other offices in order to give people options and alternatives. That is what I am trying to do here give the people a choice. A voice. 

I believe that we need Term Limits in South Pasadena as well as to redistrict our council districts without any regard to the locations where council members live.

We need a Council who will be proactive, not reactive. We cannot wait for a lawsuit before we act. This is costly behavior as well as just plain wrong.

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