Just A Parent… who wants the best for our kids.

I’m not active with the PTA or SPEF. I do not have a background in childhood education. But there is no more important time to be involved with our children’s education, than now. I grew up in South Pasadena, attending MHS, SPMS & SPHS ’02; I’ve been a parent at multiple elementary schools (Special Needs: Preschool-1st) and (K-4 & 2-3). We must continue striving to improve and support all children in our community; be a resource for next generational development for our students.

An Engineer I have a problem-solving mentality; but also had extensive opportunities to develop soft skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership attributes. I’ve served on South Pasadena Parks & Recreation and Freeway & Transportation Commissions, but there is nothing more important, and no higher calling than to serve in helping our children and their opportunities through an education that enables them for a grander future.

I’m raising and spending no money, so no trash in your mailboxes, no invading/contaminating your doorsteps and no campaign signs on your lawns. Donate instead to our PTAs and SPEF, the money will be better spent on our kids.

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